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The Z Wreck tube amp from the legendary Dr. Z is the brainchild of some of the most well-respected names in electric guitar tone: Brad Paisley, Dr. Z (Mike Zaite), and the late Ken Fischer of Trainwreck. Inspired by Paisley’s vision, this vintage-style tube amp has become famous for its touch response and tonal versatility. The Z Wreck amp resonates with rich detail, allowing you to explore clean and chiming tones or to be pushed for that signature bloom and vocal-like drive.

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The Synergy Z Wreck preamp, in a development partnership with Dr. Z, brings the magic of the Z Wreck amplifier to the popular tube modular platform. This is Synergy’s first module with an integrated, 0-watt power amplifier, complete with a phase inverter and onboard transformer.   This transformative design, combined with Z Wreck’s distinctive Speed and Comfort settings unlock a vast array of expressive, harmonically complex tones. From pristine, smooth cleans, to pushed tones for sustained vocal-like gain, the Z WRECK preamp module links your heart, fingers, and tone.


When designing the original Z Wreck amplifier, Mike Zaite and Ken Fischer provided Brad Paisley two options. The Speed setting was Mike’s preference, with a higher power transformer voltage (330V) which delivered a percussive attack on the notes with great articulate. “Comfort” was Ken’s choice which had a bit lower transformer voltage (300V) and allowed for an initial attack and then a slight swell on the notes for smoother drive.

Brad compared the settings and loved them both which gave birth to the Comfort / Speed switch. This switch is faithfully re-created in the Synergy Z Wreck module.


A typical guitar tube amp is comprised of a power amp and a preamp.   A power amp is comprised of a phase inverter, power tubes and a transformer.  In most amps the majority of the tone is derived from the pre-amp section.  The Z Wreck amplifier however derives a significant portion of its signature tone from the power amp, creating a major engineering obstacle for designing a Synergy preamp module.  In collaboration with Mike Zaite the Synergy team resolved this issue by incorporating an actual “0 watt power amp”, phase inverter and small transformer into the module design.  This innovative solution resulted in this module authentically capturing the harmonic and dynamic content of the Z WRECK power amp including the “CUT” knob, which is a part of the power amp section.

This engineering achievement has opened the door for Synergy towards flexibility and infinite tonal options for the entire Synergy eco system.


The Synergy Z Wreck module from Dr. Z faithfully replicates the original amp’s musical qualities across two identical channels. Effortlessly switch between pristine clean tones and thick, driven sounds, or customize your rhythm and lead tones with independent Volume, Bass, and Treble controls. The Cut knobs refine the module’s high-end detail. At the same time, Speed (a strong attack with increased clarity and dynamic headroom) and Comfort (a vintage feel, softer response, and more overall sweetness) settings define its touch response. You can also balance the channels’ outputs with independent Master volume controls.


Z Wreck production amplifier exclusively uses the Tung Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes to achieve the exact upper Mid clang and delicious brilliance that separates their authentic “VOX” tone from other amps. Staying true to this original amp design, the Z Wreck module features dual Tung Sol 12AX7s – Dr. Z (Mike Zaite) uncompromising design ethos wouldn’t have it any other way. Tung Sol’s are a bit pricey but worth every penny in delivering the signature Z Wreck tone.


The Z WRECK module features a three-position switch on the PCB, which allows you to configure the input tube bass response to match the original circuit of the selected module. These settings affect the feel and tightness. Each amp designer has a specific combination of components that make up their input tube circuit. We have selected the three most popular combinations which you can access with this switch. The USA voiced modules typically use setting 1 (1.5K resistor and 22uf capacitor). British-style modules use position 2 (2.7K resistor and .68uf capacitor). The SOLDANO and VAI modules use position 3 (1.8K resistor and 1uf capacitor). Of course, you can experiment and try any positions to see what you prefer. The modules will come preset to the designer’s preferred setting which for the Z Wreck is position 1 (1.5K resistor and 22uf capacitor).

Synergy hardware and interchangeable preamps are protected under US patent.


Technical Details

  • Built in U.S.A.
  • All-tube preamp module custom designed by Dr. Z and Synergy
  • Two identical channels offer the full range of unequaled touch response ranging from twang to rock
  • Speed/Comfort setting to enable a precise touch response setting
  • Green Channel – Volume, Speed/Comfort, Bass Treble, Cut, Master
  • Red Channel – Volume, Speed/Comfort, Bass Treble, Cut, Master
  • 2 x Tung Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes ensure rich harmonic performance
  • Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks



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