Meet the Makers: MetropoUlOs

No one knows more about vintage Marshall plexis than George . Through over 20 years of ripping apart, restoring, and analyzing these classic amps, he has dedicated himself to re-creating their culture-defining tone with laser-like attention to detail.

Metropoulos logo

Thanks to this plexi obsession, Metropoulos Amplification, owns a reputation for building the most historically and sonically accurate plexi replica amps available. But these aren’t just part-for-part clones. As many plexi fans know, no two vintage Marshalls sound the same. That’s why Metropoulos only studies the most exquisite examples, utilizes the highest-quality vintage and modern components, and goes above and beyond to clone the “magic” within.

And Metropoulos’ work is getting noticed, as he’s already designed Alice In Chains frontman William DuVall’s signature amplifier head, the DVL-1. Alongside his Metro-Plex and Super-Plex models, the amp is just one more example of the greatest amps in rock history made even better.

MetropoUlOs Modules:

Metropoulos Metro Plex


Based on one particular plexi 100 watt from 1968, serial # SL/12380 (just 79 away from EVH’s #1 plexi) the Metro-Plex delivers iconic plexi tones heard on countless rock records.


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