Got a question? Check and see if we’ve answered it below! Our FAQ contains answers to common questions about Synergy amplifiers and modules.

Do SYN1, SYN2, SYN50 or SYN30 come w modules included?
All Synergy pieces are sold separately. We did this out of respect to all people who have the older Egnater and Randall hardware and modules. Also, we wanted to give the player their choice of how to fill their system. That way you have total control of your build.
Are Synergy Power sections fixed bias?
The SYN30 and SYN5050 are fixed bias. The SYN50 is not fixed bias.
How do I set up the SYN2 to work with 3rd party IRs and effects?

Check out this video! Great explanation by Ryan Bruce.

How do you hook-up 2 SYN2s together?
The best way to do this is to use the four cable method (4CM) and program the second Syn2 with the first Syn2 in bypass mode.

  • Guitar to ‘Input’ the first Syn2 in the signal chain (Master unit)
  • From ‘To ext. guitar amp’ of the Master to the ‘Input’ of the second Syn2 (Slave unit)
  • From the ‘main output’ of the Slave to the ‘from Amp FX send’ of the Master
  • From the Main Out to the power amp oder head’s FX return.
  • With the Master set to Bypass the Slave is active

An alternate way that also works is:

  • Connect guitar to “Inst In” of first SYN2.
  • “To Amp In” of first SYN2 to “Inst In” of second SYN2.
  • “Main out” or “from Power Amp Return” (without Master volume) of second SYN2 to “from Amp send” of first SYN2.
  • “Main out” or “from Power Amp Return” (without Master volume) of first SYN2 to input of amp
  • Effects into the FX loop of the first SYN2.
  • One foot switch —just need to connect midi thru of one to the other.
Why is my MIDI not switching properly?
We’ve had a couple of people report that their SYN2 wasn’t talking to the midi-controller… be it ours or a 3rd party.

This solve has fixed every case.

Take off the lid and check these pictures.