Meet the Makers: Bogner

The career of Reinhold Bogner has seen him go from a revolutionary of amp-modding to his current status as a giant of the guitar amplifier industry. And through it all, he has brought his passion for detail and sonic expression to everything he does.

Reinhold Bogner
Bogner logo

At a young age, the German-born Reinhold Bogner fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll and the tube amps that drove it. And it wasn’t long before he was designing and building his own. Quickly he learned that changing the values of various components could dramatically alter an amp’s tone, feel, and response. This revelation was massive! Amp circuits were not “locked in stone.” They are fluid and shaped like an artist shapes their clay.

Upon hearing his inspired designs, players began fighting to get their hands on them. So, with $600 in his pocket, a heavily modified JCM 800 under his arm (purchased by Edward Van Halen for $600 and a Frankenstein Strat), and a million new ideas, Reinhold headed to Los Angeles, California in 1989 and started one of the most influential amp companies of all time.

The first Bogner branded releases were the 3-channel Triple Giant preamp, Fish preamp, and the groundbreaking Ecstasy series. These amps defined Bogner’s trademark touch response and the harmonically rich voice. It’s a voice that refined even further through the legendary Shiva and high-gain Uberschall models. Today, every one of these models and their creator is considered an icon of amp design. Not bad for one of the first boutique amplifier companies.

Bogner Modules:

Bogner Ecstasy


The Ecstasy is so popular that players demanded Synergy work with Reinhold to distill it down into this preamp module which is two years in the making.


Bogner Uberschall


In the world of high-end, high-gain guitar amplification, the Bogner Überschall is a legend.


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