Meet the Makers: Engl

In the early 1980s, musician Edmund Engl had the idea to create a digitally programmable, all-tube amplifier that delivered a wide variety of sounds with a simple footswitch. Enlisting technical mastermind Horst Langer, the two debuted their idea, named the E101 Digitalamp, at the 1984 Musikmesse Frankfurt show, and ENGL Amps was born.

Edmund Engl
Engl logo
From their very first amp model to today, ENGL set the standard in premium, cutting-edge, high-gain electric guitar amplification. It all started from their initial groundbreaking design which was loaded with firsts, such as a lead boost, a mid-shift, and a bright switch, all while offering a massive touch-responsive gain. Though many of these features are common today, they all started with ENGL. And are calling cards of every amplifier that bears the brand’s name.

Engl and Langer’s designs live on in the heavy metal community who embrace them with passionate zeal. Whether powering tech-metal pioneers Obscura or backing Steve Morse and Ritchie Blackmore through classic metal’s most iconic riffs, ENGL amps’ astounding flexibility always gets the job done. And because Engl and Langer consistently implement the highest of quality standards, legendary amps like the Savage, Powerball, and Invader consistently receive the best reviews by players and trade press around the world.

When it comes to punishing-sounding amplifiers with extreme versatility, it’s hard to beat an ENGL.

Engl Modules:

Engl Powerball


The Synergy Powerball module boasts two of the amps four channels with enough control on tap to go toe to toe with the namesake head.


Engl Savage


Not only does the Synergy SAVAGE preamp module give you a giant of an amp into a compact and convenient package, but thanks to two Gain Lo/Hi switches and a carefully sculpted Contour switch, you’re in control of an astoundingly flexible assortment of tones.


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